FAQ: How Well Does Hesi A2 Test Predict Success In Nursing School?

What is a good HESI score for nursing?

Generally, a score of 90% to 100% on any of the HESI sub-tests is regarded as excellent. A score between 80% and 89% is regarded as very good. Typically, a score of 75% to 79% is regarded as satisfactory, although some schools consider scores as low as 70% to be satisfactory.

What is the passing percentage of the HESI A2 test?

Each section must be passed with a 75% or higher. Below is an example of the HESI Exam formula for the ADN Program application.

What percentage is an 850 on HESI?

Faculty have set a score of 850 as considered a success. Benchmark: Desired performance of Partially met = 85-89% pass rate (>850), Fully met = 90- 100% pass rate (>850) on the HESI-RN by the cohort of students. This is in line with our program performance indicator of 90% on the NCLEX-RN national board exam.

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What is the highest score you can get on the HESI A2?

The HESI exam is scored on a scale ranging from 750 to 900, with 900 being the best score possible.

What is considered a good HESI A2 score?

Most Nursing Schools require students to take and pass the HESI exit exam prior to graduation. The passing score required to graduate varies from program to program, but generally speaking a score of 850 or higher is considered a good score.

Is HESI harder than NCLEX?

Yes, HESI probably is a little bit harder than NCLEX for most students …but it will also seem a little bit easier for other students.

What is considered a passing HESI score?

Each section is scored separately on a scale from 0 to 100. Schools set their own passing scores for the HESI exam. Most schools have a minimum passing score of 75% for each section of the exam. However, some schools may require students to get a 75% on one section and an 80% on another section.

How long does it take to get HESI A2 results?

It will take 24-48 hours for the result to show after the exam is Closed. For HESI Admission Assessment (A2) exams, results will show within 24 hours after completing sections of the test. Your results may be located in a different account with a different username or email address.

What HESI score is equivalent to passing Nclex?

Research shows that the HESI Exit Exam has a 96-99% estimated prediction of success on the NCLEX exam. That means that most students who score 900 or above are likely to pass the NCLEX exam.

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What happens if you don’t pass the HESI?

Individuals who do not do well on the HESI tests on their first attempt and need to take them again can use reputable study resources to help them prepare. This HESI Admission Assessment Exam Course was designed to guide students through all of the material they will be tested on when taking the HESI.

How do I pass the HESI?

Below are 5 hacks to help you get the score you want on the HESI A2 entrance exam:

  1. Take a practice test.
  2. Tailor your study plan.
  3. Practice, practice, practice.
  4. Manage your time.
  5. Take a final practice test before the big day.

What does class average mean on HESI?

Class Average, provides a. link to “ View Your Detailed. Scoring Report ”, and includes a. summary view of HESI Scores, Recommended Scores, # of.

Can I retake one section of the HESI?

program, the student must attain a minimum score of 80 (750 for Critical Thinking) on EACH section of the HESI exam. When retaking the test, students will have to retake all 6 sections of the test. Scores used for admissions must be on a single testing. Students will have a maximum of 5.5 hours to take the exam.

Is teas or HESI easier?

When it comes to the HESI and TEAS test, the TEAS is much shorter and is often considered easier. The TEAS exam has reading and science sections, which are designed to test your ability to succeed in nursing school.

How many questions are on each section of the HESI A2?

How many questions are in each section of the HESI A2? Each section of the HESI A2 contains 25-50 questions. All science sections contain 25 questions, while all math and English sections contain 50 questions. The one exception is Reading Comprehension, which contains 47 questions.

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