Quick Answer: When Does Golden West College School Of Nursing 2017 Semester Start?

Is there a wait list for the nursing program at Golden West College?

We do not maintain a waitlist. Selection is based on meeting the eligibility requirements and the Multi-Criteria Guidelines but does not guarantee admission. Please refer to the How to Apply link for the application and detailed instructions.

Is Golden West College free?

Golden West College launched its “Golden Promise Program” timed to the start of the Fall 2018 semester, providing eligible students with free tuition for the academic year. Health fees, the college service charge and any fees outside of enrollment are not covered by the program.

What are intersession days?

An Intersession can be a period of a few weeks (generally 4-5 weeks) between semesters or quarters during which students can take short, accelerated classes or complete other academic work.

How do I register for classes at Golden West College?

Complete each section of the GWC Application and click “Submit” at the end. The MyGWC portal is where Golden West College students will find their registration date, register for classes, check their grades, check on their financial aid status, pay any fees on their account, and more.

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Does Orange Coast College have a nursing program?

The nursing program admits two categories of students: (1) those who enter the University without having completed a first level nursing program are known as Basic Students, (2) those who have completed an Associate Degree in Nursing and are Registered Nurse students.

Does Cal State Fullerton have a nursing program?

Thank you for your interest in the Nursing Programs offered through the School of Nursing at Cal State Fullerton! We offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programs so you can further your nursing education at any level.

How many units is full time at Golden West College?

To be considered a full-time student, you must enroll in at least 12 units per semester. A unit is the amount of credit you earn for a class. This varies from course to course.

How do you pay for classes at GWC?

Paying Your Fees Log in to Corsair Connect and click Enrollment Services to pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). 1900 Pico Blvd. Third Party Fee Payments: If a company or organization wishes to pay your fees, contact Veronica Romo at the Cashier’s Office for instructions at 310-434-4026 or [email protected]

Where do I find my GWC ID number?

Access Your ID Card Enter either your GWC policy number (found at the top of your contract) or your VIN and your last name.

How do I withdraw from Golden West College?

Students may drop a class online from their MyGWC account: Go to MyGWC.com, login and click on the Student Tab 2. on the Student Tab, click on the link to Add or Drop Classes in the right-hand column then 3. select the appropriate GWC Term for the class you wish to drop.

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